Gold Foil Scroll Bridal Shower Tags – Set of 6


Set of (6) Gold Foil Scroll Bridal Shower Tags or Stickers.  Choose from (3) different customized sayings with custom sayings also available.

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This item is handmade and made to order. All orders will ship within 10 business days. The finished product may look slightly different than the product photos.

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Get ready to fall in LOVE with our Gold Foil Scroll Bridal Shower Tags.  With two different custom sayings to choose from, these handmade gift tags are a popular choice among Brides.  

Our gold foil scroll bridal shower tags offer a one of a kind design for a once in a lifetime event.  Gold foiled by hand using only high quality materials.  One of a kind tags your bridal party will want to keep.  

Gold Foil Scroll Bridal Shower Tags Details:

6 per set.

Choose from a gift tag or sticker.  Tags are printed and foiled on a thick matte coverstock.  Stickers are printed and foiled on high quality sticker paper.

Each tag/sticker measures approximately 3″ wide and 2″ long.

Choose from the following saying options:

Love is sweet with a date.  Love with a name, bridal shower, & date.  Love with initials and a date.  Custom sayings are available.  Please contact us before ordering to coordinate details.  

Each tag is gold foiled by hand.  Please allow for slight imperfections in the gold foil. 



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